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FDA Public Workshop: Assessment of Cardiovascular Toxicities in Immuno-oncology Trials
Posted by Moslehi on January 22, 2018

On Friday, December 1, 2017, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced a public workshop entitled, “Assessment of Cardiovascular Toxicities in Immuno-oncology Trials”. This workshop provided a forum for discussion of cardiovascular toxicities in immuno-oncology clinical trials. The workshop focused on the identification...

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Manuscripts published in Circulation raise awareness for immune checkpoint inhibitor associated myocarditis
Posted by Moslehi on January 22, 2018

Two manuscripts published on November 21, 2017 of the journal Circulation bring additional awareness for the syndrome of immune checkpoint-inhibitor (ICI)-associated myocarditis. Thuny and colleagues (Hospital Nord, Marseille, France) present a case series of 30 patients with ICI-induced cardiotoxicity. Cardiotoxicity was diagnosed at a...

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Cardio-Oncology highlighted at American Heart Association Annual Meeting 2017
Posted by Moslehi on January 22, 2018

There were several cardio-oncology sessions at the American Heart Association (AHA) annual meeting which occurred in November 2017 in Anaheim, California. A session called “The Emerging Science of Cardio-Oncology” focused on the rapidly evolving area of clinical practice in cancer patients with heart failure or acute coronary...

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It was great 2 hear from David Milan @MGHHeartHealth on the mechanism of ibrutinib induced AF & his current role leading the @FondationLeducq today @StanfordCVI Frontiers Seminar. Nice 2 also see contribution from @CardioOncology @VUMC_heart on pharmacovigliance studies of TKIs.

Great job by Elles Screever, extraordinary MD/PhD student & @WCFWMeijers to author this piece. @rudolf_deboer #CardioOnc @VUMChealth @VUMC_heart @CellDeathLab @AgingCare

Learning about #cardionc from an outstanding educator and leader in the field @CardioOncology during @GreatDebatesHem. #GDUHem2021.

This will be a real treat! Proud to have rising star Dr. Kevin Alexander from @StanfordHealth for Vanderbilt cardiology GR! Kevin is a @SarnoffCardio @OslerResidency @BrighamFellows w/ great mentorship from @RonglihL & @Ron_Witteles & an expert on amyloid! @HeartBobH @SeanM_Wu